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My love for the Labrador breed started in 1994 with my first Labrador Retriever, Hershey.  Hershey was a major part of my life through a divorce and a new marriage.   Her loyalty and love were unconditional.   After we lost Hershey to heart failure,  I thought  I would never find another dog as loyal as Hershey, but I as wrong.

My next lab was English bred.   I decided that her purpose in life was to do therapy work.   We started training at 12 weeks and continued to meet our goal.  Zoey had the drive and motivation which made training easy!   Zoey has competed in dock diving events and rally.   She is also a registered therapy dog with TDI and has all her AKC Good citizen titles.

I began training dogs and decided that i wanted to start showing, so I was on the search for my first conformation dog.   My search lead me to  Green Gable Farms, and after several discussions and waiting a few months,  I finally brought my girl, Wrigley, home.   We have competed in many conformation shows and have earned out Rally Novice title.   Wrigley also has her AKC Canine Good Citizen titles.

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